The David Saga

Vol. 1

Video Bible Class

The David Saga

Vol. II

Studies in the Book of I Samuel

Like any great story, The David Saga has many layers of significance. More than the biography of a man or the history of a nation, it is the story how God directed the affairs of flawed men and unruly nations to accomplish his purposes, and ultimately to direct them toward a larger purpose, namely, the Messiah who would be the Savior of the world.

Samuel's Story

1 Samuel 1-8

8 Lessons

Saul's Story

1 Samuel 9-15

8 Lessons

The Young Hero

1 Samuel 16-20 and The Book of Ruth

9 Lessons

The Outlaw

1 Samuel 21-25

7 Lessons

ThE Warlord

1 Samuel 26-30

6 Lessons

King David Playing the Harp


Gerhard van Honthorst