New Additions to the Serious Christian Website!

Aug 14, 2020 11:32 AM

Today is a big day for with the Grand Opening of the Media Department, plus the addition of a major paper touching both on the history of Christianity in America and the history of spiritual awakenings.

I have desired for a long time to post on this website the Bible studies I’ve done on video, and finally I’m getting it done. The first open, tuition-free course offering is The Gospel of John. Today is posted Part 1, seven lessons covering chapters 1-4. Every reader can see that John’s Gospel is different from the others. Scholars and Bible teachers have had different opinions as to why this is. My perspective is that while the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) present the common witness of all Jesus’ disciples, each one with a distinctive emphasis, John gives us a very personal witness about what he himself saw and remembered about what Jesus said and did. He wrote not to “fill in the gaps”, but to share what persuaded him so that we who read might also believe.

Click here to go to the Video Classroom. 

I have also attached the first link to one of my musical performances, my favorite song that I have written, a rendition of Psalm 118.

Click here to go to “Give Thanks to the Lord, for He Is Good." 

Look for much more media to come. 

In addition, a new article has been posted, a major paper titled “The Separate Baptists Revivals in the South.” My thesis is that the First Great Awakening did not end with the death of the great evangelist George Whitefield, but rather was picked up as a firebrand by a few and taken from New England to the Southern colonies to light new fires of awakening there. 

Click here to go to “The Separate Baptist Revivals in the South."

Please check out these new additions, and feel free to send me an email telling me what you think.

Faithfully yours,