The Importance of Amen

Aug 19, 2018 8:08 AM


Years ago I heard the legendary preacher Dr. S. M. Lockeridge preach an entire sermon on the subject, “Amen.” When the subject was announced I wondered how a whole sermon could be preached on a single word, let alone one as ordinary as “amen.” I won’t try to reproduce that address here, but the incomparable orator proceeded to prove that there is indeed much more here than we may realize. Amen.

What, then, is so important about this much overused yet under-appreciated word in the Judeo-Christian vocabulary? I propose that there is no single word more important in Christian worship, possibly in the whole Christian life, than the word “amen.”

I propose to you that all of worship and all our faith is comprehended in this one word. With it the worshiper expresses awareness, appreciation, comprehension, agreement, and commitment - with the participation of his whole mind, heart (will), and soul (self) - to the truth and glory of God.

Worship comprises the Amen—or rather, the Amen contains all worship. Here’s why this is important:  Our worship of the true God and Creator of all is not at its root creative or inventive, but responsive

I do not mean that human creativity and inventiveness cannot enter into the worship experience. What I mean is that God is the initiator of true worship. Worship that we create of ourselves is the definition of idolatry. In the ultimate sense, worship is not an invention, but a response to truth that is proclaimed or manifested.  

I believe that there are some essential biblical attributes of worship—seven to be precise. You can find out what they are in my article, “The Essentials of Worship."

Picture Credit: Polycarp Teaches, from the motion picture  Polycarp (Henline Productions, for release 2015), starring Garry Nation as Polycarp.