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Explanatory Note: It’s not necessary to be left-brained and linear to be a serious Christian, and not all literary communication has to be in prose. I call this collection “Non-Prose” because it looks better than “Poetical Whatnot.” I confess that as a poet, I’m a poseur, but I’ve written a some things that are not prose, and a few of them are posted here. As we go along I’ll also post the work of some real poets, who are (or were) also serious Christians.  - GN
I am not a particularly profound composer nor a prolific songwriter, but I have written a few psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs that I think are worth sharing. If I ever make a decent recording of them perhaps I shall make them available as well.
“The Religious and the Saved”
A meditation on Galatians 4:21 - 5:1
A dream I had a long time ago
“For Linda, with Love”
There’s nothing like love to make a writer of prose think he can do poetry.
“Saviour: A Narrative Accompaniment”
A non-prose narrative script, written as an accompaniment to be read during a one-time performance of the oratorio Saviour, created by Greg Nelson and Bob Farrell (1994 Warner Bros. Records, Inc.)