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Some things can be said better in lines  of verse than in paragraphs of prose.  None dare call it poetry.  Includes an exclusive review of the contemporary oratorio Savior, along with an original narration.
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Nation’s Notebook

A personal website highlighting the miscellaneous pursuits of Garry Nation.  Includes Bible study notes, quotations, short fiction, photos, and a lot more, including:

Updates to newest book, Alvis Duncan Hicks in the Civil War: The Untold Story of the 2nd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, USA--exclusively online.  Includes photos, maps, illustrations.
Bible Notes: Background and insights from my personal study of the scriptures.
New “Fools and Follies” item: According to an annual survey by DDB Worldwide Communications Group, the typical American tax cheat is male, single and under the age of 45.  But that’s not the most interesting thing about the study.... 
Short Fiction: “The Medusa Painting” -- Read this story when you have some leisure time—but I don’t recommend it before bed.
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Identifying & Overcoming Character Deficiency Syndrome


A forensic, worldview-conscious study of the fool and folly depicted in the Bible, especially in the book of Proverbs.

”Outstanding. Learned and psychologically acute. Hit too close to home for comfort.” Dan Peterson

“”An excellent book on practical wisdom which I find myself returning to again and again!” Joseph Kraft

“”One of the best books on Ethics I have read. This book explains why Enron, Worldcom, Adelphia, etc. happened better than any book I have read.” Phil Eubanks

“”This book was fun to read, and totally changed the way I look at the book of Proverbs.”  Nick DuBose

“”I still believe your work on Fool is the best I have ever seen on this critical topic.” T. Kem Oberholzer

  1. Watch the video trailer here.

  2. Find out more about the book here.

  3. Read a sample chapter from the book here.

  4. Buy the book, audio-cd, or digital book here.

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a delightful feature length film for the whole family

Based on the incredible, true story of the beloved hymn “The Love of God”

There is a way that seems right to a man,

but its end is the way of death.

Proverbs 14:12

Available on DVD

Anna, a young slave girl (Eliya Hurt), is rescued and adopted by Christians in 2nd Century Smyrna and befriended by their aged bishop, Polycarp (Garry Nation). As Anna is taught by Polycarp and her new family, she struggles to reconcile her beliefs with those of the Christians. When the Roman proconsul demands that all citizens worship Caesar to show their allegiance to Rome, Polycarp and the Christians must find courage to stand for their faith against the growing threat of persecution, and Anna must choose whom she is willing to live -and die- for.

Study guide also available, written by Dr. Garry D. Nation. Includes 7 sessions covering “The True History of Polycarp” and Bible studies relating to themes in the motion picture.

Get Polycarp on DVD!*

*Serious Christian, Inc. and Garry D. Nation receive no financial benefit from DVD sales.

Award Winning Motion Picture

Best Feature Film11,2
Audience Choice1
Best Actor, Garry Nation3
Best Actress, Elya Hurt5
Best Original Score, Benjamin Botkin1
  Silver Crown--Best Evangelistic Film4

1Christian Worldview Film Festival 2GloryReelz Film Festival 3International Christian Film Festival 4International Christian Visual Media Festival 5Pan-Pacific Film Festival


Christians Understanding Islam

audio lectures by

Dr. Garry D. Nation

Basic things a Christian should know about the religion of Islam in order to

  1. Obey the commandment of God to love our neighbor as ourselves.

  2. Fulfill the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to proclaim his good news to every person – including Muslims.


The Gospel According to Mohammed? Click here.

The Origins and Foundation of Islam  Click here.

Decoding the Qur’an  Click here.

The purpose of these lectures is not to attack Islam, or to make a defense of Christianity against Islam, or to prescribe specific strategies to witness to Muslims. It is rather to brief believers in Jesus Christ on the basics of a religion with whose adherents we are interacting more and more.


to your church!

Get information here.


“What do you mean by ‘Serious Christianity’?”

This is our term for an approach to the Christian faith that applies itself to every dimension of life, not just the religious. Read more.

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Special Feature
How We Got Christmas
If Jesus wasn’t born on December 25, why do we call that his birthday? What you may have thought you knew...but didn’t.Christmas.html