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Serious Christian Ministries

is the educational ministry of Serious Christian, Inc., a non-profit religious and educational organization (501.c.3 status pending).

Our Mission:

To communicate and impart the Christian worldview through research, teaching, and practice, to the end of making true disciples of Jesus Christ.

About Garry D. Nation

minister, author, scholar

Bible teacher, educator, speaker,

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What Serious Christian Ministries

can do for you

Dr. Garry Nation is available to come to your location and present talks, lectures, sermons, and seminars on a wide variety of topics.


What kind of event can we cover?  What do you need?  Here is a representative list of the types of settings in which Dr. Nation has made presentations:

  1. Multi-day seminars

  2. One-day seminars

  3. Bible/spiritual life conferences

  4. Retreats

  5. Chapel services

  6. Pulpit supply

Contact us with a description of your event and the size of your group.  An affordable speaker’s fee or honorarium--or (if appropriate) love offering--along with reasonable expenses, will enable us to come share with you.

Sample Topics

All the topics described below can be adapted for presentation in any format.

  1. New:

  2. Who was Polycarp, and why should we know him?

  3. The enduring significance of a little known but powerfully influential early church father and martyr

  4. Featured

  5. Character Deficiency Syndrome

  6. Why do people make self-destructive choices--and keep on making them? This course examines the biblical diagnosis and treatment of folly.

  7. Based on the book by Garry D. Nation, Fool: Identifying and Overcoming Character Deficiency Syndrome

  8. Essentials

  9. The Christian Mind and Worldview

  10. 7 Men Who Still Rule from the Grave

  11. 10 Convictions of a Christian Mind

  12. Bible, Theology, and Spirituality

  13. Serious Christianity: A Primer in Doctrine, Lifestyle, and Spirituality

  14. Essentials of Worship

  15. Waiting: The Essential Spiritual Discipline

  16. The Lord’s Prayer, the Disciple’s Life

  17. Advanced

  18. Dealing with the New World Disorder

  19. Part I: The Shattering Event

  20. Part II: The War behind the War

  21. Part III: A Strategic Christian Response

  22. Beyond Liberal and Conservative: Biblical Morality and the Foundations of Human Government

  23. Biblical Book Studies

  24. David: Hero, Outlaw, King

  25. Psalms: The Heart of Worship

  26. Nehemiah: A Profile in Leadership

  27. Isaiah: The Worldview of God

  28. Mark: To Be a Disciple

  29. Acts: Defending the Faith - Was Luke-Acts a legal brief for Paul’s defense before Nero?

  30. Galatians: Manifesto of Freedom

  31. Philippians: Manifesto of Joy

  32. And many more

This list is intended to be suggestive, not exhaustive.  Is there a topic or question not mentioned above you’d like us to research?  Send an email.  If it’s also something we are currently interested in, we’d be glad to share what we’re learning with you.

Our Goals

  1. To lay a foundation of truth that will prepare people who do not yet believe in Jesus Christ to hear a gospel witness.

  2. To supply knowledge to those who believe in Jesus Christ that will strengthen their faith and enable them to give a clearer witness.

  3. To broaden the perspective of Christians beyond their own local, contemporary experience, toward a more global and historical understanding of Christianity.

  4. To deepen the understanding of busy persons who don't think they have the leisure to be full-time students of Christianity, while challenging them to be lifelong learners of Christ—and thereby also deepening their personal commitment and experience of Christ.

Our Approach is to conduct serious research and study of the Christian faith, and of the world through the eyes of Christian faith. 

Specifically we direct our efforts toward:

The Bible: We seek to teach believers how to study the Bible seriously.

To our profound discredit, few believers study the Bible at all. Biblical illiteracy reigns not only in our contemporary culture, but in the churches.

Those who do study the Bible rarely move beyond the most subjective kind of devotional reading ("What does this passage mean to me - personally - today?").

Moreover we have to use simplified contemporary translations and special interest "study" Bibles in order to keep our attention.

There’s a place for that kind of devotion, but the spiritual equivalent of white bread and jam should not be our entire diet.

The objective of our institute is to help believers move beyond the simplistic and superficial toward a more mature understanding of the Bible's message and authority, and to grasp the comprehensiveness of the biblical worldview.

Essential Christian Doctrines

Research here is all the more needed because there does not seem to universal, or even wide agreement on what these doctrines are.

Our focus is not so much on the question, "What can we all agree on today?" It is rather on what has been the historic witness and understanding of Christians throughout the ages, and what are the issues underlying disagreements and theological divisions.

Christian History

Knowing the history of Christianity is vital for enabling believers to comprehend their larger identity, both in the body of Christ and the work of God in the world. 

To know the story of Christ’s church in the world may not eliminate our differences, but at least it enables us to keep them in perspective.

Yet American Christians in particular don't know their own roots.  If there is anything we know less about than the Bible, it is the story of our own movement. Most of what we know seems to be based on prejudice, not fact.

We seek to tell the story of the Christian movement as a continuation of the story of God's covenant people told in the Bible, giving emphasis to key events, movements, and figures in that story.

Christian Philosophy

We mean Christian philosophy in the broad sense of the term. Our primary task is to "bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ" through the study of logical and critical thinking, fundamental issues (metaphysics, epistemology, cosmology, etc.), worldviews, cultural analysis, and apologetic issues.

Christian Ethics

The term “ethics”covers a lot of territory, but it all relates to the basic question of right and wrong. We begin with a study of the Bible to uncover basic principles, and apply biblical truth to current issues.

Christian Engagement

It is not our purpose to learn the principles of Christianity while abiding in a religious ghetto. We learn these things so that we may shine our light in the world’s darkness, and apply the salt of our lives toward the preservation of what is good.