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This is our term for an approach to the Christian faith that applies

itself to every dimension of life, not just the religious.  Read more.

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Colossians 1:18


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The word discipline by itself connotes some measure of unpleasantness, of having to make ourselves do something that we otherwise would not want to do. We do not have to exert our will to indulge in something pleasurable. But it is not the whole truth of the matter, or even the main thing. The primary purpose of a discipline is to learn, to acquire a knowledge or skill that we desire to master even if the process is difficult, tedious, even painful. So it is with disciplines of the spirit.

Disciplines of the spirit refer to how believers respond to situations in life in which they must call upon the inner resources of their faith in order to be obedient to God as a follower of Jesus Christ.

There are at least four. They are,




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Author Announces Book Available for Purchase after Long Hiatus

After almost two years of being out of stock, Dr. Garry D. Nation's book Fool: Identifying and Ovecoming Character Deficiency 2nd ed. is again available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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